Export & Sync to SalesLoft

If a lead is exported to SalesLoft and there is no existing record for the exported contact, a new record will be created with the available data and mapped fields will be populated accordingly.

Exporting from Cognism Web Platform 

To export a lead/s to SalesLoft from Cognism Web Platform, a "Push to SalesLoft" option will appear after selecting a lead/s. Lead/s can be pushed to a cadence or saved to People List in SalesLoft. A popup will appear to confirm that the leads have been pushed successfully. This option will only appear once admin has enabled SalesLoft integration, and it is visible but disabled until you log into SalesLoft.



Exporting from Lists

You can export Contacts to SalesLoft from a List. Navigate to a list and begin selecting Contacts.


Once you have selected Contacts from the List, a SalesLoft button will appear. Click the button to Sync to SalesLoft. A popup will appear at the top-right of your screen indicating the contacts have been successfully synced.


Exporting from the Cognism Chrome Extension

Once the Salesloft integration is enabled and you are logged into Salesloft, when a single lead is displayed in the Cognism Chrome Extension, clicking Export will show Salesloft as one of the integrated systems that you can export to.




When you choose to export to Salesloft, you will first be prompted to choose "Cadences or People's List" and "Tags", after which you can either export the Person record, or you can review by clicking Edit and amend the data that will be exported to Salesloft.




If a lead appears without an associated email address, you will be prompted to manually enter it in before being exported to Salesloft as it is a mandatory field.

Accessing exported and synced contacts and leads in SalesLoft

After a contact or lead has been exported or synced, you can access the contacts or leads in SalesLoft depending on where you have pushed them.


In the above example, new contacts have been pushed to the People List. New contacts added have a new label next to their names.

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