Using Cognism CSV Enrich (Enhance)

Cognism Enhance helps you complete any missing data points on a person or account level, including job title, location, industry and financials. Use Enhance to update data that may have changed over time to keep your database up to date.


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How Enhance works

Take an existing list of leads or contacts which have "stale" or incomplete data and upload it to Enhance. The list that you have uploaded will be matched against Cognism data and updated data will be provided in the form of a List. Changes to contact information can be viewed and the updated data can be synced with your CRM.

  1. Go to the Enhance Tab.

  2. Click Enhance New List.

  3. Give your list a name and click Next.

  4. Select the CSV File you want to use and click Next. For optimal results, use the format in this template. The maximum file size that you can upload is 16MB.

  5. Configure the field mappings by choosing the options in the dropdown lists and click Enhance my List. This will be used to map your data with the Cognism data.

  6. Click Go to Lists where you can see the updated list once it has been processed.


View and Redeem your Enhanced list

After your list has been processed, you can view the changes and redeem the enhanced list. Processing for 1000 records should take approximately a few minutes.

  1. Click the List Name (demo list 1 in this example).

  2. You can view:

    1. Total number of contacts uploaded.

    2. Total number of contacts updated.

    3. Number of contacts that have changed companies.

    4. Number of contacts that have changed job title.

    5. Number of email addresses updated (number will update after list has been redeemed).

    6. Number of phone numbers updated (number will update after list has been redeemed).

  3. To view individual changes, click View on the contact that you want to see. This allows you to compare the contact data you uploaded to the contact data that was matched and updated from the Cognism database.

  4. Click Redeem List to redeem the entire list. A popup will appear to inform you of the number of credits that will be burnt as a result. Click Yes, Redeem to continue.

Once the list is Redeemed, it will be processed before you can download it as a CSV file. Click Download CSV.


Get the most out of Enhance

Use this template as a guide when uploading your list of leads for the best results. Providing key data points such as a first and last name, company and email address ensures a good match rate. Other data points are optional.

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