Technical Note: Single Sign-on (SSO) Capabilities

This is a high level summary of what types of sign-on Cognism supports.

We support:

  1. SP initiated Microsoft OAuth 2.0

  2. SP initiated Google OAuth 2.0

  3. IdP initiated Okta SAML 2.0 (SCIM)


SCIM is the protocol used for auto provisioning/deprovisioning of users. If you are an Okta administrator and you've added and configured the Cognism app, you can carry out user provisioning.

Instructions to configure Okta with the Cognism app can be found in this article:

Okta SCIM Configuration setup

Once configured, you can start adding people from your organisation to the Cognism app.


Note: IdP initiated Azure SAML SSO is NOT available at present. It is anticipated that it might be available in Q4/23 or Q1/24.


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