How to configure Okta Single Sign-On

Okta – Cognism integration allows for easier access of your organization’s users to the Cognism platform with the enablement of Single Sign-On. 


Adding the Cognism Application in Okta 

An Okta admin user needs to first add the Cognism app in Okta. 

  1. Click Browse App Catalog within the Applications section in Okta.Browse.png 
  2. Enter Cognism in the Search box and select Cognism.image__1_.png  
  3. Click Add. You will then be redirected to configure the Required General Settings.AddCognism.pngimage__3_.png    
  4. Click Done. You can then proceed to configure Single Sign-On via Okta for Cognism. 

Configuring Single Sign-On via Okta for Cognism


  1. Within the Okta Admin Dashboard, go to the Cognism Application Settings and go to the Sign On tab. 
  2. You need to enter the Default Relay State value: PUKgc1bMxqQDKulHYsQy. 
  3. Click View Setup Instructions where an Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL and X.509 Certificate will be generated specific to your account. 
  4. Click Save after entering the Default Relay State value. 

Proceed to the Cognism Web Application to Enable Okta Single Sign-On. 

Enabling Okta SSO in Cognism Web Application 

A Cognism admin needs to enable the Okta SSO in the Web Application. Follow the setup instructions here  

You then need to go to the Cognism Web Application: 

  1. Click the User Avatar at the top-right of the screen and click Settings.Settings.gif 
  2. Click the Single Sign-On tab at the left of the screen and click Configure.SSO_Page.png 
  3. Copy and Paste the Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL followed by the X.509 Certificate that is provided by Okta. OktaIDPCert.png
  4. Click Enable to activate Okta once both fields are filled in. The Okta IdP-initiated SSO can be used by all existing Cognism users that have the Cognism application assigned on Okta. 
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