Cognism Champions: Advocacy Program

Cognism Champions is a program designed to celebrate our customers when advocating for Cognism.

If you're getting success through your use of Cognism and are willing to share it with us or publicly, this program is for you!

How to sign up

All Cognism customers can sign up for free. The program is only accessible via single-sign on through the Cognism WebApp.

  1. To sign up, click on your profile (in the top right corner of the WebApp).
  2. Then, click on 'Be a Champion, get free stuff'. This will open a new tab and take you to a portal with a Terms & Conditions window.   


3. Read the Terms & Conditions of the program (at least the summary) which you can also find in this article, scroll to the bottom and click 'agree'

4. You'll automatically be enrolled and can navigate the program's pages.


Please note the only obligation you have by signing up is to complete 1 activity within the first 3 months of signing up.



How it works

There are several advocacy activities to get involved in and depending on the activity, you can either register your interest for it, or complete it directly in the programme.

You can earn a different number of points depending on the activity you complete (see below the number of points per activity).


The Points you earn act as your digital currency, so the aim is to accrue Points through multiple activities and use them to redeem the rewards you like best, so the more you participate the easier it is to claim the best rewards.


Current activities include:

Activity Points Completion limit

Share a LinkedIn post of ours with your own comments or create your own post and tag us in it.

250 no limit

Share an idea with us, whether it be product related or a way we could improve your experience with Cognism or even how we could better support you in your role.

250 2 per month

Share a quote that we can use in promotional materials/on our website. This can be anything positive about Cognism, any benefits or results you've seen or even why you would recommend Cognism to others.

500 2 per month

Share your success on how Cognism is supporting your company or you personally in your role. This could be as simple as you hitting quota in a given timeframe or overall results such as meetings booked/closed revenue/any record stats. Your submission must include a statistic.

500 3 per month

Register to a GONG call recording and we'll set up a recorded call with you asking for your feedback on Cognism and we'll create short videos from the recording to use in promotional marketing materials. 

750 no limit

Update your existing case study with any new results, new user workflow or anything that would need updating since the initial creation of your case study.

1,500 once a year

Write a business review of Cognism on one of the following review websites: G2, Chrome Store, TrustPilot, Capterra, SoftwareReviews. Then upload a screenshot of your review in Champions.

1,500 One on every platform

Speak on a webinar of ours either as a guest or panelist.

1,500 no limit

Participate in a Podcast episode. This can be on any three of our Podcast channels and involves an informal chat on a specific topic.

1,500 no limit

Participate in a Marketing Research Session by joining a 30-45min meeting and be interviewed by a member of our Marketing team. 

1,500 no limit

Test a BETA version of our Products and provide feedback on your testing.

1,500 no limit

Participate in a Product Research Session by joining a 30-45min meeting and be interviewed by a member of our Product team. This would involve sharing your experience on feedback on our products.

1,500 no limit

Refer Cognism to another organisation through our referral program. You will need to sign up and submit your referral here, not through Champions.

2,500 5 per year

Participate in a sales reference call by speaking to a prospect our sales team are engaging with

3,000 no limit

Speak at an event of ours or as our guest at a third party event

3,000 no limit

Write a case study to be published on our website and used by our marketing team

3,000 once 

Record a video case study to be published on our YouTube channel and used by our marketing team

4,000 once 


How to participate

For most activities, you need to register your interest to participate in them. Registering your interests notifies us on what you wish to get involved in, so a member of our Customer Marketing team will reach out to coordinate the activity. 

Note: For speaking activities on a webinar or event, our team will only reach out once a speaking opportunity arises, please bare in mind this might be later on in the year. 


To complete an activity, click 'Register' on the activity you want to get involved in and on the next page click 'Confirm' for your registration to be submitted. 


Some activities can be completed straight away, by clicking 'Register' on the activity description and following the required action on the next page. Then, click 'confirm' to submit your activity. This applies to activities like 'Business review' and all the sharing activities.


Business Review Activity

For this activity, you can earn 1,500 points for every positive review you write about us on any of these review sites:

Once you've written your review, take a screenshot of it or the confirmation page and follow these steps: 

  1. Make sure your name is visible on your screenshot
  2. On the 'Activities' page, click 'Register' on the business review activity
  3. On the next page, upload your screenshot (in PDF,PNG or JPG format, Max size: 2GB)
  4. Then click 'Confirm'

Our team will review your screenshot and once we've approved it, your point balance will be updated.

You can repeat these steps for your reviews on other sites.



We've got a selection of rewards available for you at the moment:

Remember that the more you participate the easier it is to claim the best rewards.

Rewards Points needed to claim
£/$/€10 Amazon gift card 500
£/$/€20 Amazon gift card 1,000
£/$/€30 Amazon gift card 1,500
Echo Dot (4th Generation) 3,000
Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) 5,000
£300 AirBnB voucher 12,000
£500 AirBnB voucher 15,000

Team building activity (worth £/$/€500)

You get to choose what the sum goes towards, it can be a team meal, drinks, team building exercise, whatever you like!

15,000 (can be claimed using points across multiple members of the program)


If you want to see more rewards added, do let us know!



On the 'Activities' page of the program, there are also challenges you can take part in. On top of earning Points for activities, you can earn badges when completing a series of the same activity known as Missions.

You can track your progress on these challenges to see how close you are to completing the mission.

Earn all badges and more rewards will come your way!

At the moment, there are three badges you can earn:

Badge Name Mission

Ally Badge


Complete 3 Sales Reference Call activities and earn the Cognism Ally Badge

Referrer Badge


Complete 3 Business Review activities and earn the Cognism Referrer Badge

Ambassador Badge


This badge is associated to activities not a mission meaning it is earned by completing a written or video case study activity. 


For any questions or issues relating to this program, please contact You can also check our FAQ's page.



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