Salesforce Data Import

Import your Salesforce data to Cognism to access search filters specific to your Salesforce CRM, allowing you to filter out prospects that may already exist in your Salesforce. This feature can be set up by the Cognism Admin and Salesforce Admin and all other users can access the additional Salesforce filters. After the initial data import is complete, updates will occur automatically in the background.

  • We do not integrate with the Essentials package; you must be on Professional or above to be able to sync to Salesforce.

  • For Professional, you will need API to be enabled.

  • For data import and enrichment, CDC access (Change Data Capture) is required (Available on Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer Editions).

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Initial Salesforce Data Import

  • Click your user avatar at the top-right and go to Settings.

  • Click the integrations at the left.

  • Go to the Salesforce integration and click the settings cog next to Log Out.

You need to have added and set up the Salesforce Integration to access the data import page.

  • Go to the General tab (This page will be open by default).

You must be a Salesforce admin or have the following permissions in order to enable the data import:

  • Customize Application

  • View All Users

  • View All Leads

  • View All Contacts

  • View All Accounts

  • Click Enable Data Import and a popup will appear.

  • If the configuration is correct, click Confirm and start import.

Ensure the Salesforce Organisation selected is the same as the one you have integrated.

  • Once the data import is enabled, you are taken to the Data Import Preparing screen. During this step, the number of records to be imported is being calculated and the import will begin once the data is ready.

After the import is prepared, the initial data import will begin. You can view the progress within the Data Import settings page.

The initial data import could take a day to complete, depending on the number of records in your Salesforce.

  • Once the initial import is done, we need to match the data in the background so this can take some time and the filters will remain inactive until it's complete. The filters will show a progress bar while the job is completing, for the admin.

  • You will receive an email upon completion of the initial data import and the Salesforce Data Import Status will change to Data Import Active, along with the confirmation of records imported.

  • Once the initial data sync is complete, the import will occur automatically in the background.

  • The Salesforce search filters will be available to all users in the Cognism Account once enabled, even if a user isn’t integrated.

  • The filters will be usable once the import and matching against the Cognism database is complete.

Manually re-syncing Salesforce data

If more than 100,000 records are updated/added in your Salesforce (not via Cognism, it is recommended to manually re-sync.

  • Click your user avatar at the top-right and navigate to Settings > Integrations > Salesforce.

  • Go to the General page (click the Settings cog next to Log out on the Salesforce Integration).

  • Click Re-sync Now.

Disabling Data Import

If you want to disable the data import, you won’t have access to the Salesforce specific search filters.

Your data can be safely stored indefinitely (until you request it to be deleted), or it will be stored for 30 days if you choose to remove all your stored data.

If you want to re-enable the Salesforce data import & sync, but have opted out of having your data stored, and the 30 days have passed, the import time will be the same as the initial import time (up to a day depending on the number of records).

  • Click your user avatar at the top-right and navigate to Settings > Integrations > Salesforce.

  • Go to the General page (click the settings cog next to Log Out on the Salesforce Integration).

  • Click Disable Data Sync.

  • Choose whether your data should be removed OR Cognism can safely store your data until you request for it to be deleted by Support.

If you select Yes, remove my data, your data will be stored for 30 days and deleted after this time has passed.

  • Click Confirm after you have decided if your data should be stored or not and the Salesforce data import will be disabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Compliance and Salesforce

Salesforce Data Import

Cognism needs the following permissions to be able to read your CRM data:

  • View All Leads

  • View All Contacts

  • View All Accounts

  • View All Users

  • Customize Application

When using this functionality, Cognism imports Contact, Lead, Account and User data. This is all Cognism needs to allow the user to filter its search based on its existing records. 

Cognism does not use, process, or share the data for any other purpose other than to provide this specific functionality, and we do not use this data to enrich our database. Please note all data is stored in an encrypted database (AES-256 encryption).

Salesforce Status Indicator 

The status indicator shows whether a record exists in your Salesforce CRM.

For the status indicator functionality, Cognism only uses some fields (e.g, Email, Domain, Name) from the objects to match the data against Cognism’s own database (for example, when you search for prospects).

Then, Cognism can display if the contact exists or not, together with information from Salesforce (e.g, owner field).

Although we access the data, we do not export, store or share the data, and this is only accessed to provide this specific functionality to you. Cognism does not use this data to enrich its database. 

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