Profile Views vs Credits

Profile Views and Credits are your gateway to finding prospects with the best and most compliant data in the Cognism database. These allow you to access and action the data you get when prospecting using the Cognism platform.

Profile Views

A profile view is counted when a full profile is viewed or data on the contact is accessed in a search result.

  • Profile views are used on the New Edition license.

  • You have unrestricted profile views using the web app or chrome extension. This means that you can:

    • view all the available data on a profile and you can export it

    • or save it to a list, up to 25 profiles at a time.

  • If you access a profile that was previously viewed, and 6 months have elapsed, this will count as a view.

  • Export a page of 25 profiles from your search results, or

  • Save to List, will count as 25 views.

  • For every profile that is viewed while prospecting over LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, websites and Outreach or Salesforce using the Chrome Extension, every person that the extension is open over will count as a view.

  • Profile views reset monthly.

A fair use policy applies.


Credits enable bulk operations and are required to use several other features on the Cognism platform.

  • Credits allow you to save more than 25 records to a list at once. This enables an operational workflow where one person or a few users generate data for other users.

  • Credits allow you to make use of Enhance and Cognism APIs.

  • Credits will be charged when you ping our Redeem API

  • You will not be charged for using Search and Enrich APIs; however, you must have credits within your package. 

  • Credits are on the Account level, meaning the number of credits that were purchased is shared across all users in your account.

Admins have the option to limit credits for individual users.

  • 1 Credit is used per profile. Once a credit is used on a profile, a credit will not be used again if you access the profile at a later date.

  • Users on the Standard license type who have to click the Redeem button will also use credits.

  • Credits are reset per account at a specified date. (This varies depending on your contract)

Keep track of your credits

  • You can view how many remaining credits you have and the reset date by hovering over the wallet icon at the left of your screen.

  • The icon is always visible at the left of your screen, making it easier to keep track of your remaining credits.

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