Integration Security & Compliance

We use the latest OAuth 2.0 to connect with your CRM and other tools. This ensures a safe means of accessing only the data needed to ensure you have the best user experience with the Cognism platform and your own CRMs and other tools.

OAuth 2.0 enables the exchange of tokens between Cognism and your integration. There are 2 types of tokens that are exchanged:

  • Access token - this token allows Cognism to access only the data required and is valid for 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the integration.

  • Refresh token - this token is saved in our database and allows for a new access token to be generated.

I want to know more about OAuth 2.0

Integrations used in the Cognism App are to export Cognism data into your connected tool. While doing so, we are checking the records in your tool and trying to match Cognism's data with your data, so we know how to export it (e.g, update the already existing records or add new ones, depending on the settings when integrating Cognism with your tool).

A different feature which indicates whether a record is exists in your CRM, is done by accessing your data and matching it to Coginsm's data. We are not storing the accessed data or processing it in any other way except for the features that exist in our App and the ones you decide to use, for your own benefit as CRM integration is at your own discretion, and we do not use any data we might have access to for any other purpose other than to provide such functionalities to you.

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