Using the Chrome Extension over Outreach

You can get the most up to date Contact information without having to leave Outreach. Use the Cognism Chrome Extension over Outreach to keep existing people in your Outreach updated. 

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Enable over Outreach

View profiles in Outreach 

Enable over Outreach

Ensure that you have the chrome extension enabled everywhere.

Enable Everywhere from the Chrome toolbar

  • Click the Cognism extension logo at the top-right (in your Chrome toolbar).


  • Toggle on Enable Everywhere.



Enable Everywhere from Settings

  • Click the Settings cog at the top-right of the extension.


  • Toggle on Enable Everywhere.



View profiles in Outreach

Once you have the chrome extension enabled everywhere, go to Outreach and login as usual.

Go to the profile of the person that you want to view.

Click on the Cognism icon. This will be at the right or left of your screen, depending on how you have configured it.



The Cognism Chrome Extension will open with the Cognism data loaded based on the profile you are viewing in Outreach.

  • Contact Information is shown with the quality indicator.
  • If the lead has been pushed to a Cognism List, you can see which List the lead is in.


You can also view the Contact's coworkers, see Company information and Intent* signals. 

*Intent available on Diamond package.

To export the contact, follow this guide.

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