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October is here! And with it comes all the fab things we’ve been cooking up in September. 

There are no "hollow" or spooky updates here! 🎃 Let's dive into what's coming next week👇

Chrome Extension now available on corporate websites [Functionality update] 

Previously, our Chrome Extension worked on LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Nav. 

Now, you’re able to use the extension on corporate websites. 

By simply turning on the toggle in your Chrome Extension settings, you’ll be able to see the company profile when you land on a website, allowing you to easily access contacts working in that account. 



The Chrome Extension will also provide an easy way to find employees in the target company - simply click on the See Employees link and you'll be taken to the Cognism Web App where you can create a list of prospects that match your ideal customer criteria.


  Note: This is a configurable option.

Very important - When your Chrome Extension auto-open toggle is ON, it won't affect the behaviour of the Chrome Extension on Corporate Websites.
Auto-open only works if toggled ON and only applies to searches done via LinkedIn.


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To learn more about our Chrome Extension update, read this article.


Saved Company workflows [Functionality update]

It's not just a stretch ... more flexible account workflows are here! 

This update allows users to select, export, or remove companies in bulk, see employees from the Company List view, and more! 

When you click on “Employees” in your saved companies list, you’ll be navigated to the Prospector Contact Search for that company where you’ll also be able to see company events. 

This means you'll be able to action company profiles in the same way as you do for personal profiles! 



Page-level exporting: from Search to CRM [Functionality update]

Exporting contacts directly to your CRM just got a lot easier! 

The page-level exporting functionality means you can now export a search results page (up to 25 contacts at a time) directly into your CRM instead of a list.

This update saves you a ton of time and clicks while getting records into your CRM faster! 




Review accounts associated with Contacts when exporting from Lists

Before exporting your contact lists in bulk, you’ll now be able to review accounts associated with your contact in your CRM first!

When you export contacts in bulk from lists to your CRM or Sales Engagement Platform, you’ll be able to review accounts associated with your contact and make changes if any are necessary.


  Note: Available for all integrations
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