Using the Cognism Chrome Extension on company websites

When visiting a company website, you can access information on that company via the Cognism Chrome Extension. Export or save the company for later, view their employees (via the link to Prospector) and find decision makers you can reach out to, view any company events occurring that can be relevant to you, or you can see what employees at the company are searching for with Intent*.

*Intent available on Diamond package

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Enable Everywhere

Using the Chrome Extension on company websites

Enable Everywhere

Enable Everywhere from the Chrome toolbar

  • Click the Cognism extension logo at the top-right (in your Chrome toolbar).


  • Toggle on Enable Everywhere.



Enable Everywhere from Settings

  • Click the Settings cog at the top-right of the extension.


  • Toggle on Enable Everywhere.



Using the Chrome Extension on company websites


When auto-open is enabled, the Chrome Extension will only auto-open over person and company profiles on LinkedIn.

  • Go to any company website and open the Cognism Chrome Extension.


  • When you open the Chrome Extension on a company website, you will see the full Cognism company profile and have access to the company events data available, along with the Intent* signals. 


  1. Export the company to Cognism or to your integrated CRM.
  2. View all employees at the company in Prospector.
  3. View Employees at the company within the Chrome Extension.
  4. View any company events occurring.
  5. View any available intent signals related to the company you are viewing.

*Intent available on Diamond package



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