Product Insider | September Edition


It's the beginning of September and that means we're ready to release some of the things we've worked on in August. What changes can you expect to see in our product this month?

Here's a quick breakdown of the latest updates👇


Contact Data Quality Filters [Interface + Category change]

Interface Update Categorisation Update
We've merged our phone, email and Diamond Data® filters so you can define your data quality criteria in one place.
  Suggested read

To learn more about our Data Quality filters, read this article.


Lists | Keep unredeemed records [Functionality update]

We've updated our lists functionality - now when you partially redeem a list, you won't lose any of the records you don't redeem. This gives you greater flexibility and saves you time, as you no longer have to re-do a Search to find unredeemed contacts.

Example scenario:

  • If you push 10 contacts from Prospector to a list

  • Then redeem 4

  • The status of the 4 redeemed records changes to "Redeemed"

  • And 6 contacts remain in your list for you to redeem at a later date

  Take the tour

Check out this product tour to learn how updated lists work.


Export accounts to CRM [Functionality Update]

We know account creation is an important piece of revenue teams' workflows. It's now possible to export accounts from Cognism to your CRM.

  Note: Available on New Edition

The functionality can be accessed via the Chrome Extension (all users), as well as on the Company Profile view in our Web App (New Edition users). We're working on bringing this functionality to all users of the Web App, as well as extending it to other areas of the platform.


Export accounts from the Chrome Extension to your CRM.


Web App
In the Web App, you can export an account from the Company Profile view. This view can be accessed by clicking the company name in search results.export_from_company_view.png


Intent Data filter in Prospector [Interface update]

We have brought Intent into Prospector.

This interface change allows intent data users to refine searches by layering intent as another advanced filter in their search, and avoid switching between Intent and Prospector tabs.


You'll notice that the Intent Data Tab [top navigation] is still visible. We've left it active to give intent data users time to get used to the new workflow. The tab will be removed in one of our next releases.


Exporting [CSV fields update]

List users can now easily export key data points. The following data points have been added to CSV:

  • Company-level sales event trigger types (funding, hiring) as separate records
  • Contact-level sales event triggers (role change, company change)
  • Company Linkedin URL
  • Details on multiple company locations
  • Company description
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