Cognism Champions: FAQs

Below are some anticipated questions you may have regarding our Cognism Champions program.

To understand how the program works, please visit this article.


If I already completed an activity this year, like a case study or G2 review, can I claim point for that?

  • Absolutely you can! If it’s a business review, simply find your review, screenshot it and upload it within the program
  • For other available activities, simply register your interest for the activity you’ve completed, and we’ll be in touch

If I register interest in an activity, do I have to action is straight away?

  • No, if you’re keen to speak at and event or webinar, or even do a case study at some point in the future, registering your interest doesn’t oblige you to complete this right away. We’ll reach out when such an opportunity comes about and if the timing works for you, we can progress it together. Feel free to let us know what kind of timing works for you!

I’m engaging with the activities in the program but nothing is working…

  • This could be because you haven’t agreed to the program’s Terms & Conditions agreement.

Why aren’t the activities loading for me on the ‘Activities’ tab?

Why aren’t the rewards loading for me on the ‘Activities’ tab?

I’ve redeemed a reward but haven’t received it, what should I do?

  • Depending on the reward, for physical rewards there may be a lead time or delay in delivery, please bare with us, but feel free to contact our Customer Marketing Team for an update.
  • For virtual rewards such as gift cards, you should have received an email with your voucher. Please check your junk mail, if it’s not there please reach out to our Customer Marketing Team
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