Setting up Pipedrive Field Mappings

After the Cognism Admin user has added the Pipedrive integration, and logged in, the field mappings can be set. This will determine what fields Cognism data is mapped to in Pipedrive for the whole organisation.


Navigate to Integrations. (User Avatar Settings Integrations).

Click the Settings cog next to the Log Out buttons. (You need to be logged in to Pipedrive to access the Field Mapping Settings)PDSettings.png




Update Rules allow you to decide what happens if matches for prospects or accounts are found in the CRM when exporting to CRM. You can choose to:

  • Update existing prospect or not

  • Update the related account record or not



Within the Person tab, you can configure what Cognism data fields are mapped to in Pipedrive by selecting an option to be mapped from the picklist. 

You can decide what you map certain fields to in your Pipedrive. The fields can be custom fields, for example source - we recommend creating a custom field “cognism_source”.




Within the Organization tab, you can configure how and what company data is mapped over from Cognism to Pipedrive. 




For Engage users, you can sync campaign activities to Pipedrive. You can set these mappings according to the fields you have in Pipedrive.


Once you have configured your field mappings, click Save Changes. Cognism data will then be mapped to your Pipedrive according to these settings.

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