January Highlights

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HubSpot Integration

We’ve improved the way Cognism integrates with HubSpot, giving you a simpler, more advanced and improved way of getting Cognism’s premium data to your HubSpot CRM. Read more…

Microsoft Dynamics Integration

The universal integrator, used to integrate Cognism with MS Dynamics, has been replaced to improve the way Cognism integrates with Dynamics. This gives you a simpler, more advanced and improved way of getting Cognism’s premium data to your Dynamics CRM. Learn more…

Conditional Mapping for Salesforce

Cognism provides you with a multitude of data which you can tailor to suit your needs. The introduction of conditional mapping allows you to customise the way certain fields are mapped to your Salesforce mapping. In this first iteration, you can configure the industries field mapping. One or more Cognism industries can be mapped to an industry category in your Salesforce instance. We’ll be adding this feature to more fields and to other CRM integrations soon.



Diamond profile mapping available in CRM field mappings

Back in October, we introduced Diamond Contacts, which are contacts whose phone numbers have been manually verified by our team to ensure you have the best call to connect ratio. We’ve added a Cognism field which can be configured to indicate whether a contact is Diamond Verified in your integrated CRM. (Settings > Integrations > Settings cog)

Additional Cognism fields available at Lead level

Cognism Chrome Extension and Web App users can now export a profile to Salesforce and map over further data intelligence on a lead level, helping you find key information in your Salesforce environment quicker. This includes Revenue, SIC code, ISIC code & ZIP/Post code fields.


Redesigned Search Results

We’ve simplified the look and feel of our search results to highlight the most important data for you.

Information is easier to read or glance over so you can be more efficient in your workflow.


CRM status coming soon…

Contact information is displayed on new contact data elements.


Diamond Data

Email notifications for Diamond Verified Contacts

We have improved the workflow for requesting Diamond Verification. When a user requests Diamond Verification for a contact, an email will be sent to the user notifying them that the requested Contact has been verified.Diamond.png

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