An updated Cognism-HubSpot Integration

We have reworked our HubSpot Integration and it is now a simpler way of integrating our applications to your CRM. Our web application and chrome extension can be integrated with ease and managed by the admin all in one place 

We’ve made multiple improvements to this version of our integration and have a much more advanced and efficient workflow.

This includes:

  • Admins gain full control of centralised mappings for all users across our Web App & Chrome Extension

  • Full functionality to pull Contact and Company specific owners to your HubSpot instance

  • All Cognism data points are now available in mappings, giving you greater flexibility

The Cognism Admin is the main user to action this change. Please see the guides linked below for instructions on the set up: 

  1. As mentioned in the guides, the Cognism admin will need to do the initial setup for HubSpot and enable the integration. The field mapping will be set up by the admin and this will be shared across the account for all users 
  2. Once the admin has completed this initial step, each user can then log in and integrate their own web app account and chrome extension to HubSpot by clicking Log In.HubSpot_CE.png 
  3. After logging in, it would be worthwhile testing the integration and making sure no error messages appear when trying to sync records over. If an error does appear, this will most likely be related to the field mapping.  
  4. It’s worthwhile taking note of any existing mapping in the web app and chrome extension and pasting it into a handy document. Copy/Paste and screenshot when possible. When the admin sets up the integration, they will be able to refer back to the previous mapping and make sure everything has been captured. 

If any issues occur or you have any questions about this new integration, or you’re unsure who the admin in your account is, reach out to our support team via the following channels: 

  • Email 
  • Use our live chat available on our web app or help centre 
  • Click Submit a Request on the top right of our help centre.   
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