How credits are charged in the Cognism Salesforce Application 

Credits are charged at 1 credit per contact. Credits will not rollover so you must use your credits before the reset date. 

Credits are charged when using RevealPush to CampaignSingle RefreshBulk RefreshLive Refresh, and Scheduled Refresh. 

A credit is only charged once for a contact. For example, revealing a contact will charge a credit. The same contact can then be pushed to a campaign, refreshed, or revealed again without additional credits being charged. 

What happens if I run out of credits? 

If you have run out of credits or have insufficient credits when performing a bulk action, you will be notified via an in-app notification or via email.  

A message will be shown in-app when performing the following if you have insufficient credits: 

  • Refresh of 1 lead/contact 
  • Bulk Refresh on 20 or less leads/contacts 

An email notification is sent when: 

  • Performing a bulk Refresh of 20 or more leads/contacts 
  • When a scheduled Refresh is being performed. 
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