Leveraging Cognism Account and Contact IDs

When using Cognism and having a CRM integration set up, our best practice strongly advises you make use of our Cognism Contact and Account IDs.


Here are the benefits:

Unique source of truth: These IDs are unique identifiers to the Cognism platform meaning that all contact and account assets can be traced back to being provided by Cognism.

Isolating former users: By using the Cognism Contact ID, when a person has left the organisation, they were in, that person can very easily be found in the new organisation they have joined. This will accelerate your ability to discover where they have moved to and fast-track your ability to proactively reach out to them at their new company. This is especially useful when that person is customer or advocate of yours.

When using Enhance: Allows a sole source of truth for matching back to our data asset for Enhance on our web application and within Salesforce, allowing you to get updated information on those assets.

Removing duplicates: Using Contact and Account IDs will enable you to segment and remove any duplicate data within CRM.

ROI: Using a Contact ID will allow you to prove that the lead you have generated came from Cognism, and therefore allow you to track the return on investment you are getting from partnering with us. Your Lead Source field can often easily be changed or influenced, but the contact ID will trace that lead back to Cognism data.

Adding company information: When our customers want company information added to a list of accounts, there are often inaccuracies in naming conventions, locations, domains, etc, which can lead to issues. Therefore, using the Account ID will map those companies to our assets and facilitate the process of adding updated information to those accounts.


How to get started

In order to maximise use of these identifiers, we recommend you create a custom field in your CRM mapping and include these as part of your Cognism SFDC App implementation. Click here for help related to CRM integrations.

For further help and information on this, please contact help@cognism.com.



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