Setting Up Salesforce Field Mappings

Field mapping allows you to specify what Cognism data or custom values will flow into your Salesforce when new or existing data is exported from the Cognism Web Application or Chrome Extension. 

Go to Settings Integrations Salesforce Settings Cog (next to Log Out). 

You can decide how records should be exported and how records should be updated in your CRM. Here you have options to configure different actions when a lead, contact, account, task, or campaign is being exported or synced to Salesforce. These can be configured in their respective tabs. 



Field Mapping settings are only available to the Cognism Admin user and changes will affect all users.


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Within the General tab, you can set Export Rules for users. This includes:

  • Enabling/disabling the ability for users to create new Accounts in your Salesforce CRM or enabling/disabling users the ability to update existing Accounts.
  • Decide if existing Leads or Contacts should be updated with Cognism data.
  • Sync your Opt Outs
  • Prevent an export if the Contact can't be associated with an Account. 

These settings allow you to keep your Salesforce CRM well organised.


Lead and Contact 




Within the Lead and Contact tabs, you can configure what the Cognism data is mapped to in Salesforce by selecting an option to be mapped from the picklist. 

The following Cognism mappings are available: 

You can decide what you map certain fields to in your Salesforce. The fields can be custom fields, for example lead source - we recommend creating a custom field “cognism_source” to map to in your lead and contact object. 

Cognism Mapping 


First Name 

Person’s first name 

Last Name 

Person’s last name 


Person’s main email address 

Company Name 

Person’s company name 

Job Title 

Person’s Job Title 

Office Phone 

Person’s office number 

Mobile Phone 

Person’s mobile number 


Person’s City 


Person’s Country 


Person’s state 


Company’s street address 

Zip Code 

Company’s Zip code 


Company’s website 


Category of industry person works in 


Where the record was created 




Within the Account tab, you can configure how and what account data is mapped over from Cognism to Salesforce. 


The Company Revenue field does not convert the currency when mapped to your Salesforce field. E.g. if your revenue field in Salesforce is set as GBP, all values will be mapped as unconverted GBP. ($100,000 -> GBP 100,000)

The following Cognism mappings are available:

Cognism Mapping 


Company Name 

Company’s name 

Company Alias 

Alias of the company 

Company Website 

Company’s website 

Number of Employees 

No. of Employees at the company 


Industry which the company operates in 

Company Type 

Organization type 

Company Country 

Company’s country 

Company State 

Company’s state 

Company City 

Company’s city 

Company Address 

Company’s HQ address 

Company Postcode 

Company’s HQ Postcode 

Company Phone 

Company’s HQ phone 

Company year founded 

Year company was founded 


Where the account originated from 


If you are a Cognism Engage user, you can configure field mappings for tasks and campaigns to ensure they are synced correctly to Salesforce. 



Within the Task tab, you can configure how and what task data is mapped over from Cognism to Salesforce. 

The following Cognism mappings are available: 

Cognism Mapping 


Task or Email Status 

Status of an Email or Task 

Task or Email Priority 

Priority of an Email or Task 

Task Type or Email Subject 

Type of task or Subject of an Email 

Task Description or Email Content 

Description of a task or content of an email 




Within the Campaign tab, you can configure how and what campaign data is mapped over from Cognism to Salesforce. 

The following Cognism mappings are available 

Cognism Mapping 


Cognism Campaign Name 

Name of the campaign created with Cognism 

Cognism Campaign Start Date 

Date that the Campaign started 


Update Rules 


When data is being mapped into Salesforce, you have the option to configure an Update Rule. Cognism data can be applied if the datapoint was not previously mapped or you can choose to overwrite data points with Cognism Data every time you export/sync to Salesforce. 


Export Settings


Click the Settings cog next to the update rule dropdown. You can toggle the behaviour of an export for individual mappings with the following options:

  • Read Only Option - If enabled, user will not be able to make any changes to this field.
  • Is Visible Option - If enabled, user will be able to see this field in the edit during export.


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