Cognism Chrome Extension Security and Compliance

This article should help you to understand how we pull data and what data is pulled when the Cognism Chrome Extension is being used on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.  

Cognism uses its own data, from the Cognism database, to display Contact and Company information on the Chrome Extension. The Cognism Chrome extension does not require access to user settings. The only cookies used are those related to the Cognism domain which is required for the sign in process. The Cognism Chrome Extension does not log user activity on any web page, and the extension does not interfere with other installed Chrome Extensions. 

To connect to CRM, we use OAuth or token for export and two-way integration. We keep interaction with your CRM at a minimum, being careful about CRM API rate limits. When querying or getting data, we pull only required details (contact/company data). These details are used only on the Chrome Extension, and this data is not passed to any other service, including our own Cognism backend 

The Cognism Chrome Extension has been developed in accordance with Google Developer Guidelines and does not violate these guidelines. For more information on the Google Developer Guidelines, click here 

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