Troubleshooting the Cognism Chrome Extension

If you encounter problems with general use of the Cognism Chrome Extension, check that you are using the latest version of the Chrome Extension. You can manually check for an update by clicking Extensions (puzzle icon) Manage Extensions in Chrome. Then toggle on Developer Mode. Click Update and this will force the extension to update to the latest available version.



If you are experiencing problems trying to log in to the Cognism Chrome Extension, try the following: 

Resetting your password: 

  • Reset your password and confirm that you can login to the Web Platform with the latest credentials. If you are successful, try logging in to the Chrome Extension. 

If resetting your password does not solve the problem: 

If an error that looks like this appears:


  • Check that you have Site access toggled on for all. Go to Manage extensions Permissions



  • Check that you have all cookies enabled. Go to Chrome Settings Privacy and Security > click Site Settings. Click Cookies and other site data and Toggle on all cookies.

If you are still unable to Login:

  • Uninstall the Chrome extension > clear cache and cookies (chrome settings) > ensure popups are allowed > ensure Cookies for Third Parties are allowed > Reinstall the latest version of the Chrome extension. 

Resetting all Chrome Settings: 

  • Go to Chrome Settings > Expand Advanced Settings > Click Reset and clean up > Click Restore settings to their original defaults. 


If you are still unable to access the Cognism Chrome Extension: 

  • Check that your Chrome browser is updated to the latest version. If your browser is managed by your organisation, you will have to reach out to your IT administrator to initiate the update. 

If you are unable to use the Cognism Chrome Extension: 

  • This could be a result of another extension interfering with the Cognism Chrome Extension. You would need to either disable or uninstall the destructive extension. An example of an extension that will not allow the Cognism chrome extension to work is Dux-Soup.  

Contact if you are still unsuccessful. 

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