Total Addressable Market (TAM) Building

This guide will show some examples of best practices from our experience and how to effectively scope out a TAM.

Build your baseline persona

A Baseline persona will be the broadest, holistic view of your market. It is the starting point for your future searches and will help you to add in the necessary details once and refer back to the search as needed.

Navigate to the CONTACT section in Prospector:


  • Job Title & Seniority:

    Starting at the top with Job Titles. This section is an exact title match, here you need to include every single variation of a job title. As an example, you need to include CEO and Chief Executive Officer as these are an exact title match.
    • If you are not sure of all the possible job titles and are interested in speaking to entire departments, an alternative, and strategic move would be to choose the relevant department from the Departments
      If you choose this, you can leave the Job Titles section blank and use the Seniority Filter as well as the Exclusions filter
    • The Seniority filter allows you to strategically target key decision-makers within a department such as Executive Level, CEO, Middle Management, Team Leads, Experienced Staff, Middle Management, and Entry Level staff members.
      • As we are building a broad market, include influencers as well, such as experienced staff for a bigger target market.
    • The Exclusions filter can be used to remove any job titles that you are not looking to target. If you are selecting entire departments or using broad job titles, this will help you to remove any keywords, such as “Personal Assistant”, “PA”. “Intern” or “Interim”

  • Location:

    There are a few different levels of the location you can work on here. If you are looking at entire regions, such as the EMEA, our recommendation would be to narrow it down to certain areas for a more customised approach.
    • You can select a country at this stage or narrow it down to a city level. For a broad TAM search, we recommend selecting one country per search.
      If you are looking at targeting Europe, please keep in mind that Germany, Poland, and Spain all have double opt-ins, so you will need to call these leads and ask for permission to send them any outbound emails.

Navigate to the COMPANY section in Prospector:


  • General Information:

    • If you know which companies you would like to access data on, you can download the Sample CSV here and populate this with the website domains for a narrowed search.

    • If you are unsure of the company names, or any other fields, leave the section blank.

    • When selecting company size from the drop-down, select one company size up and one company size down as this will improve the data you are seeing.

    • Try to add in keywords that are the most relevant to you, such as B2B if applicable.

    • The Company Revenue dropdown allows you to select the revenue bracket, if you are open to any revenue size leave this blank.

    • The Company Founded option to use if you are looking for established companies or new startups.

    • If you've got a list of companies ready that you would like to target, we can upload a CSV file here- but it is very important that the full company name is spelt correctly or we will see irrelevant data. If you would like to exclude companies we can also upload those here, or keep your Opt-Out List updated.

  • Location:

    • It is better to go broad initially, as an example, rather than saying London, we're going to say United Kingdom because we want to speak to any company within the UK.
    • Once you have an overview of the data, select a State or Borrow for a specific strategy.
    • You can select either HQ or All Locations depending on your approach.

  • Industries:

    • Select an industry that you would like to speak to from the drop-down
    • This is based on how companies classify themselves.
    • If you are building a broad search, you can also focus on excluding industries to narrow your search.
  • Technologies:

    • You can add in technology, which allows you to search for specific technologies used by a prospective company by selecting from the drop-down list.
    • You can select multiple ones or leave this open if it’s not relevant to your search.
      • As an example, if you only work with people that have Microsoft Office installed, you could type in Microsoft 365 and you will only see the companies with that technology listed.
      • If your biggest competitor is SaaS, you can remove SaaS altogether

  • Event Triggers:

    • There are two sections, here, CONTACT and COMPANY Event Triggers.

      • Contact Event Triggers such as Job Join, Job Leave, or Location Move. This is the individual contact level, and if you click on this you can add in the specs of the time frame and additional details.

        • If this is not part of your core strategy, leave it open.

    • Company Event Triggers such as Acquisition, Finding, Event Appearances, and IPO and Hiring. You can select the time range, job titles, departments, etc.

For more Tips and Tricks on how to build your TAM, please check this link.

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