Tips & Tricks for building your Total Addressable Market (TAM)

  • You can download the Sample CSV file as shown below. This format will allow you to add in multiple company domains, company names, job titles, or exclusions with a single upload by selecting Upload CSV.


  • When looking at keywords, consider exclusions to optimise the search to its fullest. It is not necessary to enter every iteration of a job title you can think of, but rather focus on keyword terms. This means that generalising searches and then exploring results, backfilling the exclusion list to remove titles that aren’t the right fit. This enables you to expand out on iterations that you may not have been aware of.
  • Also, a good tip to expand the initial search when using keywords is to toggle on the option "Include similar job titles".


  • To speed up this exclusion process, use pivot tables within Excel to identify the numbers of people that have a job title within a search. Thereafter, remove the keyword of unrelated titles.
  • Please see the example below to help you using pivot tables:
    • Looking at sales as an example target persona – instead of using every variation within the sales team, broaden this out to minimal keywords (see below).


  • Save your search to “Lists” and wait for a few minutes because the list will be big and it takes time to be processed. When the list is ready, select all contacts and click on “Download CSV” (this option won’t burn you any credits). Just be careful not to click on “Redeem List” (this option burns credits).
    • Once you download the CSV -> right-click -> Open with -> Excel
  • Highlight all the data (Ctrl/Cmd + A) -> Insert -> Pivot Table -> Ok
  • A table will appear on the left and fields on the right (see below)


Drag Job Title from the list on the ‘Pivot Table Fields’ and put this in Rows and Values.


  • Copy and paste (Ctrl/Cmd + C -> Ctrl/Cmd + V) this table on the left into a new sheet
  • Right-click top of job title count -> Sort -> Sort Largest to Smallest (as seen)



  • You should be able to see the highest appearing job titles and identify those that don’t fit your target persona. You would then need to go back to the initial search and exclude titles that do not match your criteria, such as negotiator, area, consultant, advisor, account manager, coordinator, senior, regional, support, corporate, operations and marketing. Add these to the exclusion list within Prospector.
  • As you can see in the initial search there were 57894 contacts, once you exclude the irrelevant contacts your list will be smaller but more targeted.
    • This process can be replicated, and further job titles excluded to hone down your TAM.

Please also check this article for effectively building your TAM (Total Addressable Market).


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