Setting a new standard for data quality

This release focuses on Cognism's quality-first focus on data and providing you with the best contact data possible with the introduction of Verified emails, and the ability to flag inaccurate data.

To learn more about this release watch our Data Quality Enhancements Webinar on Demand.

Verified Emails

Maximise email deliverability and reach your ideal prospects’ inbox.

By combining regular prospect notifications and proprietary email validation tests, our data research team verifies the validity of professional email addresses, including emails associated with Accept-All inboxes which have historically been difficult to validate for other data vendors.

Our Verified Emails category will continuously grow and has an estimated deliverability rate over 93%.


Learn more about Verified emails and how to use it here.


Flag Data Accuracy

In an effort to improve data quality, we've introduced an option on the Cognism Chrome Extension to flag contact data when it is inaccurate or missing. This data will be manually researched by our data team and you can view the status of reported contacts in settings within the Chrome Extension.




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