How can I best leverage the job title and seniority search filters?

Using the Job Title and Seniority search filters allows you to target specific prospects based on their role in a company. There are a few different ways you can best utilise these filters.  

  • The most popular method of searching is by using the job titles filter. For example, you can search for job titles such as CEO, CFO, and CRO. At the moment, the search is keyword-based so please make sure to type both the full job title and the abbreviation when searching for a specific job title. For instance, you would need to type in CEO and Chief Executive Officer. You can also upload a CSV by using the 3 dots above the search field if you have a list of job titles you want to search for in bulk.  
  • If you are unsure of the specific job titles you want to target, you can utilise the Seniority and Departments field.
  • Our AI analyses company structures and patterns so we can help you identify the most relevant contact within a company. For example, when looking for HR decision makers many  users will simply search for HR director or CHRO without considering Head of People or Director of Employee Engagement. Combine the Seniority with the Departments filter to see key decision makers in a particular team, that you may not have previously considered. 
  • A third way of searching would be to use the job title filter in conjunction with seniority. In these cases, you could keep the job titles broad. For example, you might want to search for anyone that has the keyword recruitment in their job title and then use the seniority filter to target decision makers.  
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