How to integrate your email (Exchange)

  • In Prospector, go to the profile icon in the top-right and select 'Settings'

  • Go to the ‘Integrations’ tab


  • Scroll down to the E-mail section and click 'Add' next to ‘Universal Email’

  • Enter your email address into the box


  • Microsoft should automatically be picked up as the email server and take you to a similar screen to below


  • Enter credentials & select 'Sign In'

  • You may be prompted to enter 'Advanced Settings'

If your exchange username is different than your email address, you should enter it in the advanced settings form. This can be of the format or DOMAIN\username, and is usually the same as your Windows login.


For the Exchange Server you should enter the address of your Exchange server, like You can see this in the address bar when logging in to the Outlook Web App.

  • Once your email is connected, you will receive a notification that your email was successfully added and you will see a green tick next to your email




  • To remove the integration, simply click ‘Remove’


  • Select ‘Yes, Delete’


  • A ‘Success’ message will show that the integration has been removed

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