How to run a Company Search on Prospector

The interactive demo below will help you to search for companies via Cognism Prospect

Go to Prospector and click Company.

Filter your search down depending on who you want to Prospect

General information allows you to:

    • Include or exclude company names. You can upload a CSV of names by clicking on the three dots > Upload CSV.
  • SearchByCSV.png 
    • Size includes a picklist of company sizes from Self-Employed to 10001+ employees (if you want to include from 11 to 1000 employees make sure to check all the boxes in-between).
    • Include or exclude any keywords within a company’s description.
    • Filter by Revenue range.
    • Filter by Company founded date range.
    • Type will search for business structures eg. Non-profit, privately held.
    • Include or exclude company domains. You can upload a CSV of domains by clicking on the three dots > Upload CSV.
    • Location will search for all the locations the company has a presence in or the HQ location of the company. This can be filtered down by regions, countries, states/counties, cities and zip codes. You have the option to include or exclude a list of countries or states via a CSV file.
    • Industries can include or exclude from a picklist of options. You can also filter down by specific SIC, ISIC or NAICS codes.
    • Technologies can include or exclude from a picklist of options.
    • Event Triggers have options to search for companies that have just received funding, been acquired, company IPO, company event appearances and/or if the company is hiring. You can filter these down by dates and other specifics.
    • Settings will give the option to turn on Company Name Exact Match or Domain Exact Match and filter the search so that only companies with domains existing will show. (Be careful when using the Exact Match toggles since as the name suggest if it’s not an exact match your search may not bring up any results).
    • Search results are displayed as you enter more filters i.e. when you click "," to add another filter or Enter to complete the search.
    • The number of ‘Companies Found’ will appear at the top. You can search as many times as you like without using credits.


  • To clear the search, select Clear filters next to Companies Found. Click Hide applied filters to create more space on your screen for your search results.
  • Once you are happy with your search, you can download the CSV of information that can be edited and re-uploaded in the people search if necessary (only company names or domains)

  • You can also select specific companies from the list and choose Find Contacts which will automatically transfer you to the Contact tab where you can continue to filter the search down with the relevant contact-related filters.

    • To generate the phone, address and email information you must use the Contact search.

    • Click + Save to save the company to your saved companies.
    • To save the search to come back to later (this means you can clear the search and come back to it another time to load or update). 
  • SaveNewSearch.png 
    • Click Save Enter a name for your search Save
    • Or to update an already saved search, click Update existing search > Enter the saved search name Save.
    • If you want to load an older search, click Load.

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