How to integrate Cognism to Microsoft Dynamics

Dynamics integration with Cognism allows you to export contacts in bulk from Cognism Web Application into your Dynamics CRM either as Leads or Contacts, with or without Accounts. 

An admin user needs to first enable and setup the integration (configure Field Mappings) in the Cognism Web Application before other users in the organization are able to use the integration, after which all users can login and begin using the integration via the Web Application. 

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Setting up the Integration

Admin Enabling the Integration

Click the User Avatar at the top-right of your screen > click Settings > Click the Integrations icon. 


Navigate to the Microsoft Dynamics integration and click Add. 


After clicking Add, users in the organisation can Login with their Microsoft credentials. To configure field mappings, the admin user will have to first Login to Microsoft Dynamics. Click Login and you will be prompted to connect your Dynamics CRM URL. If you are already logged in with your Microsoft account, you will not be redirected to the Microsoft login page after connecting your Dynamics CRM URL. DynamicsLogin.png



You will then be redirected to the Cognism Web Application where a popup will appear, indicating you have successfully logged in with Microsoft Dynamics. 


To logout click Log Out, or to remove the integration, click Remove. 


User Setup

After an Admin enables and configures the Microsoft Dynamics integration for the organisation, users can log in and begin using the integration. 

Navigate to settings by clicking the User Avatar Settings Integrations. 




Navigate to the Dynamics integration and click Login. You will be redirected to the Microsoft Dynamics Login page, unless you are already logged in.


Enter your credentials and click Log In. You will be redirected to the Cognism Web Application and a popup will appear indicating you have successfully logged in with Microsoft Dynamics. 


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