Why and how to set up custom link tracking

Cognism uses a default tracking domain to track all the emails sent through its servers by users. The email tracking feature like ‘emails open’, ‘email link clicks’, ‘Unsubscribe link clicks’ are tracked through this ‘tracking domain’. The domain used for this purpose is custom-tracking@cognism.com. We advise all users to create a specific/unique custom tracking domain that will cater to their own needs.


Why use your own custom tracking link

  • All visible components of your emails including the ‘Unsubscribe’ URL will use your tracking domain instead of Cognism’s, helping you build and/or maintain your brand image.

  • A custom tracking domain along with proper SPF, DKIM and DMARC records set-up, can help make your emails fully ‘white labelled’ making you much more trustworthy in the eyes of the recipients, who will be more likely to open your emails and click on your links.

  • It will allow you to build your own sending reputation. Our default tracking link is shared by many Cognism clients. Their sending habits, especially the bad ones, can affect your own deliverability so having a custom tracking link helps preserve the overall health of your domain.

How to set up a custom tracking link

1. Log in to your DNS provider (GoDaddy, Route53, Cloudflare etc.)

2. Navigate to the DNS records section and create a new CNAME record

3. Name the CNAME record (host) something distinct like “tracking” (this will create the record "tracking.yourdomain.com")

4. Point the CNAME record to Cognism’s tracking link: custom-tracking.cognism.com

5. TTL can be set to 1 hour

6. Once done, send the custom tracking link to your Custom Success Manager or help@cognism.com (e.g. tracking.yourdomain.com)

7. Once you get confirmation that the tracking link has been set-up correctly, you can start your email campaigns!

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