Are Warm-Up Campaigns Effective?

Cold outreach is fundamental in today’s times for B2B marketing and significantly helps to grow your target audience. We understand how vital this cold outreach is, so we want to make sure you are doing your best to avoid the dreaded spam filter.


The top email servers (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo) use spam detectors to keep senders and recipients safe from phishing and malicious behaviour. So as a sender, you need to do the best you can to avoid this and make sure content is not going to be flagged incorrectly.


What is considered in an outreach email?

  • Email Copy

  • Prospects

  • IP addresses

  • Domain

  • Email Address Configuration


Brand-new Domain for Outreach is Highly Recommended

  1. Warming up a domain can take months – no instant results

  2. It is crucial to build a positive domain reputation and relationship amongst the email service providers.

  3. Domain age is important… new domains can be seen as suspicious and picked up by spam filters. It is recommended to avoid sending outreach campaigns for three months.

  4. New domains are occasionally put on temporary blacklists for a few days or weeks, this is important to remember and check. They will be removed automatically, but the user may be able to request this themselves.

This will have a separate reputation the company domain and therefore will not interrupt regular daily sending.


Using a brand-new domain still requires caution. Your IP Address will also come into play, and if other users sending through your ESP get flagged as spam, it will affect you as well (and vice-versa).


Setting up/warming up a new domain includes:

  1. Domain and email creation – create the domain and first user.

  2. Email Address Configuration (DNS Records): Create an SPF record, Set-up DKIM and DMARC

  3. Wait around two weeks to start sending – this gives it time to settle.

  4. Start adding new user email addresses to the domain.

  5. Start sending manual emails to familiar addresses and building reputation slowly.

  6. In the meantime, create highly engaging and personalised email sequences.

  7. After 3 months, small outreach campaigns can begin:

  • Safe sending guidelines will be practised.

  • No more than 50 valid emails per day at first, gradually increasing.

  • Keep engagement rates high.

  • Practice A/B testing.

  • Continue sending to known contacts internally (this is important as you need to show email servers you are human!)

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