How many Emails can I send per day?

Things to consider:


  • Age of the domain (how long the company domain has been in use, i.e. would be your domain) and therefore how reputable it is

The older the domain, the more reputable it appears to the e-mail provider and thus more e-mails can be sent per day


The older the account, the more e-mails that can be sent. However, the age of the domain is more important than the age of the account.


  • The number of e-mails that have been sent out since the e-mail account was created

The more e-mails that have been sent out previously, in a controlled way, the better


  • The number of e-mails that are sent out, on average, per day

We recommend warming up new e-mails and therefore starting off sending a lower number per day


  • Our platform will never send more than 500 e-mails per day. Any remaining will be sent on the following day



See below a graph of Cognism’s recommendations for safe sending per day:


Are warm-up campaigns effective? See here

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