Exporting and Syncing Contacts & Leads to Outreach

After your Outreach Integration has been setup, there are multiple ways to export and sync Leads and Contacts to Outreach from Prospector.


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Exporting Leads to Outreach

If a lead is exported to Outreach and there is no existing record for the exported contact, a new record will be created with the available data and mapped fields will be populated accordingly.


Exporting from Cognism Web Platform (Prospector)

To export a lead/s to Outreach from Cognism Web Platform, a "Push to Outreach" option will appear after selecting a lead/s. Lead/s can be pushed to a sequence or saved to Prospect List in Outreach. A popup will appear to confirm that the leads have been pushed successfully. This option will only appear once admin has enabled Outreach integration, and it is visible but disabled until you log into Outreach.




Exporting from Lists

You can export Contacts to Outreach from a List. Navigate to a list and begin selecting Contacts.


Once you have selected Contacts from the List, an Outreach button will appear. Click the button to Sync to Outreach. A popup will appear at the top-right of your screen indicating the contacts have been successfully synced.



Exporting from Cognism Chrome Extension


Once the Outreach integration is enabled, it's automatically both visible in the Cognism Web App and in the Chrome extension. To export a lead from the Chrome extension, click Export followed by Outreach.




Next, select where the lead should be exported to i.e. a specific Sequence or Prospects, and to which Account it should belong to in Outreach.

Due to the limitations of the Outreach API, if you want to search for an Account in Outreach when exporting from the Chrome Extension, you need to enter the exact Account name or it must be in the 100 most recently updated Accounts in Outreach.

Before clicking Export you can review the details of the Lead Profile by clicking Edit.




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