Cognism Salesforce App Settings and User Management

Settings menu

Access the Cognism App Settings by clicking the Settings tab at the top.


Certain Settings each have a dedicated page.


Home page

Each user can view and copy their API key.


Match Keys

Match Keys help us match accounts with your CRM to avoid duplicates. 3 keys are created and added to a Cognism created field within the Account page.


These keys are made up of a combination of Account Name, Company Country and Company Website (first 6 digits/letters in the field, excluding ‘www’, ‘http’ etc. in Website).


If you are using custom fields for Account information instead of standard fields, you are able to change the mapping for these fields. If using standard fields, leave these as default.


Prospector Mapping

This page allows you to choose what fields you want the Cognism options to be mapped to for Leads, Contacts and Accounts. Fields that have been mapped by default will show automatically and extra fields will display "Select Field".


This page also has an option to map dynamic fields (scroll to the bottom of the page). This allows you to map fields that are not available in the Cognism options.


Refresh Mapping

This page is similar to the Prospector Mapping page in that it allows you to map fields when contact, lead and account information is being refreshed. There is an additional column with options to decide what happens to each field and whether it should be updated or enriched.


The configuration chosen here will decide on the information being updated/enriched during Live Refresh.



This page allows you to toggle Live Refresh and Scheduled Refresh. More information about our Refresh Services can be found here.


User Management

Here you can view the number of remaining credits available for the month and how many have been used, how many many licences you have and how many you have left to assign.


Users with Cognism Admin permission set can see the User Management page. The Add User button should be used to add additional users that can use the Cognism package. If you can't see the Add User button, it means that in Cognism system you don't have Admin role - if you need it please reach your admin to make you an admin, or reach Cognism customer success manager if you're the only admin user in your organization.


Add User option automatically does the following:

  • Gives relevant permission sets to Salesforce user.

  • Assigns Cognism license to Salesforce user.

  • Creates user in Cognism user management system, based on email address of the Salesforce user.

  • Creates and securely stores individual API key in Salesforce, for the new user.

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