Using the Cognism Contact Widget

Contact Widget is used to help maintain accuracy of contacts and leads CRM data.

  1. Go to the Contacts or Leads tab in Salesforce.

  2. Click a Contact or Lead from the list.



  3. Click the Details tab. The Cognism Contact widget will be displayed at the top.



    The first tab in the contact widget displays an overview of the Contact/lead. Click Job History to switch to the Job History tab and view a full history of the contact/lead's previous jobs.



  4. The contact widget appears when a contact/lead is pushed from the Web Platform or exported from the Cognism Chrome Extension, and not when a lead/contact is manually created. Contact information displayed in the Contact Widget is only from saved leads/contacts and will remain unchanged. Custom fields, located below the contact widget, can be changed with further activities (e.g. a refresh).CustomFields.png

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