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Account and Contact Widgets are Salesforce components that display Cognism data directly in the context of Salesforce records. To have Cognism account and contact widgets added to your account, contact and lead page layouts please check the following article.


Account Widget

Account Widget is used to drive ABM activities and maintains the accuracy of account CRM data. Account widget provides you with the company data available from Cognism and with all employees that Cognism has for particular account that has been pushed/exported from the Web Platform or Cognism Chrome Extension. Employees listed in Cognism account widget can directly be saved as Contacts, or as Leads or added first to Cognism Campaign just like in Prospecting journey.


To see the Cognism data available in the Account widget, open your Account record and go to section or tab where the admin have placed the Cognism Account Widget.


Account Widget consists of two Tabs:

  • Overview Tab - containing company information.

  • Employees Tab - containing list of employees at the company and allows you to apply filters relevant to your search.

From the Employees Tab you can Search for specific employees based on filters that you have added (click Add Filter). By clicking Clear All, filters that you have added are not removed but rather those filters are cleared.



Customer Persona = predefined filters

If you have an ICP, you can load it and results will be filtered according to the ICP. Click Load and you can select a persona from the pop out.


If you have selected new filters and wish to save it as a customer persona, click Save.

Saving employees profiles as Contacts or Leads

Begin selecting from the employee list. If you choose to save up to 20 records in one go, you can store these records in your CRM by clicking Save As Contact or Save As Lead. Once any of those save options is selected, we will try in real time to enhance the data in our Cognism database i.e. with more fresh email addresses or phone numbers, so it might take a bit of time before records get saved.

If you choose to save more than 20 records, only Process Records will be allowed, that will asynchronously enhance the data, and add data to Cognism Campaign. You will get notified once processing is finished, so that you can then save those processed records from Cognism Campaign either as contacts or leads.


Reveal functionality also initiated the real-time data enhancement, but for a single record, and makes the contact email and phone data visible immediately in the Employees section.


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