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Why do I need to use a List?

Lists give you full control on the exact data points you will get before accessing the data. It can encourage and facilitate collaboration across your team by saving and reviewing a list before actioning it. Ease the workflow to action the data where you need it, whether that is in your CRM like Salesforce or HubSpot or in your own outreach tool like SalesLoft.

How to use the List functionality

  • Use Prospector to search for ideal contacts.
  • Select the contacts that are ideal for you and click Save to List.
  • Specify the name for a new list or select an existing one.
  • Set a limit for the number of contacts per company you will generate. Leave blank if you do not want to set a limit.



  • In the List tab, you will find your list and can review it as well as anyone in your account
  • Select the filters needed to review and select the contacts or all of the list and click redeem to generate the contact data. When redeeming we also check the data against your existing opt-out list.
  • Once data is generated, if you've enabled a CRM Integration you can sync the contacts to your CRM, or you can push contacts to a campaign to run your outreach with Cognism or download the data in CSV format.
  • To delete a list, the list must first be archived. Click the three dots to the right and click archive. Archived lists can be either deleted or restored. Go to the archived tab, click the three dots to the right and click delete.

Sync to CRM

If you have integrated your CRM with Prospector, when a selection is made, an icon will appear which allows you to sync selected contacts from the list with your CRM. Once the sync is complete, your CRM icon will appear under the info column indicating the sync is complete.



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