How to use Vidyard in Prospector

  • If you don’t already have a Vidyard account you can create one for free here. You will also be prompted to login/sign up when you access the Vidyard plugin through templates.

  • Go to Templates

  • ‘Create New’ or select from existing templates

  • Decide where in the template you would like the video thumbnail to appear and click on that spot

    • The video thumbnail and link will be inserted at whatever point you have the cursor when you select the video

  • Select Vidyard from the ribbon above the text

  • Log in to your Vidyard account/ Sign up for a new account if prompted

  • Select the video from your library

    • If you select 2 or more videos, they will be added together to create a playlist in the order you click on them. The playlist will have the name of the first video and will be added to your Vidyard library.

  • If you choose New Video you will be given the following options

    • Camera Recording – you can record a video from your computer. You will need to allow Vidyard access to your camera and microphone.

    • Screen Recording – you can record your screen, choosing from whole screen, window or tab and with or without camera in the corner. To use this you will need to install the Chrome app GoVideo. You will also be prompted from within the app

    • Upload Video – choose from pre-recorded videos you have saved. There may be a wait of a few minutes for these to upload.

  • Videos will appear in the chosen position as a thumbnail with a link underneath

  • Videos will have a randomly assigned thumbnail by default. You can change the thumbnail by going to your Vidyard library.

    • You can choose from Static Thumbnail, Animated Thumbnail, and Take a picture

  • Videos created through the Vidyard plugin or the Chrome extension will have the default name “Vidyard Recording”. You can also edit the name in your Vidyard library.

    • Select the video (or playlist) you want to edit the name

    • Click on the text box and rename the video

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