How to create a sequence with Cognism Engage

There are two methods for creating sequences:


Create a sequence in the Sequences tab

  • Go to the ‘Sequences’ section under the ‘Engage’ tab

  • Select ‘Create New’

  • Name your sequence

  • Set a daily limit for the number of emails sent per day from your account


  • There are 3 toggles which we recommend leaving toggled on

    • Lead Time Zone will send the emails out in the time zone of the prospect

    • Ignore Out of Office Replies will ignore OOO replies

    • Advance All Leads will enable user who uses task steps in a sequence (Phone/ LinkedIn) to schedule the campaign not only if emails are validated but also leads which have data other than email (phone number and/or LinkedIn)


  • Click 'Save'

  • Click on ‘+ Add Step’ and select the relevant step you want to add

  • The first step of the sequence will be automatic and will be launched when you schedule the sequence

    • For 2nd step and onwards, you need to ‘Set Delay’ by minutes, hours, and days

      Please set this for the 2nd step onward


Adding an Email step


Please note that automatic emails are scheduled and sent by the system respecting the time delays, lead time zone and the daily sending limit. Manual emails will need to be actioned on your end i.e you need to ‘Send’ the email manually as if you are sending from your inbox.

  • You can either add an existing template or create a new one in the Sequence builder.

  • You also have the option to:

    • Track opened emails

    • Track clicked link

    • Optimize for sending

      The first two are always set as default

    Please note that if you turn off the default toggles, you won’t be able to track the statistics of your outbound emails.

  • Add a Subject Line – This will form the subject line in the email. Anyone who receives this email will see this as the subject of the email.

  • Add the body of your email

  • Merge Fields allow you to create a highly personalised email campaign. You can add Merge Fields to both the subject line and the body of your email. For more information on how to use Merge Fields, visit this guide

  • You can edit your font, style and paragraphing etc. just as you would do in a word document

Please note, when pasting text, you will be sked if you would like to remove formatting, we suggest you do (see below)


  • You can also include hyperlinks, images and/or add a Vidyard into the body of your email. If you are unsure how to add a Vidyard to your email visit the guide here


  • Once you are happy with the subject link, email body, time delay and formatting, please proceed to ‘Save’ the step

  • The first step will now appear as follows:


  • Having more than 2 steps within a sequence will appear as below:


Adding a task step

  • When adding Call, Generic Task or Linkedin as a step you also have the option to make the step ‘Required’.

    • If a task is marked as ‘Required’ you need to action it i.e. ‘Mark as Complete’ for the sequence to continue

    • If a task is not marked as ‘Required’ the sequence will continue respecting the set delays between steps, while the task will be automatically marked as completed after 24 hours.

Please note that LinkedIn step is simply a reminder it won’t automatically make a LinkedIn connection with the prospect.



Create a sequence within a campaign

  • Go to Campaigns section under the 'Engage' tab


  • Select the relevant campaign

Please wait for the campaign to finish generating the contacts before you add a sequence.

  • Within the selected campaign, move to the ‘Sequence’ tab and click on ‘Create New’

  • Follow the same steps as above to create the sequence

You may be interested in this video on how to create a sequence in Engage.

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