Assigning and Re-Assigning Campaigns

Campaigns can be (re)assigned by Admins (on account level) or Team Leads (within teams).

  • Campaigns with status ‘New’ can be assigned and re-assigned.

  • Campaigns with status ‘Running’, ‘Paused’ or ‘Completed’ cannot be re-assigned to another user.

Part 1 – How to Assign a Campaign

1. Go to the Campaigns tab under 'Engage':


2. Find the campaign you want to assign by either using the filters on the right-hand side of the scroll bar:


3. Click on the three dots on the far right to assign the campaign.


4. Select the user you want to assign the campaign to in the pop-up window


5. The campaign is now assigned to that user and the user’s login email will be visible below the Campaign name.



Part 2 – How to Re-Assign Campaigns

1. Click on the three dots next to the campaign you want to re-assign.

2. Now select the user the campaign is assigned to and click on the ‘Unassign’ button.


3. To assign to another user follow the same steps as Part 1 above.

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