Checking the calendar and monitoring daily sending

  • When campaigns are running, you will be able to see when they are scheduled to send in the calendar

  • Within the dashboard, go to the ‘Overview’ tab to check the calendar


Emails sent are in green

Scheduled emails are in grey


  • The calendar will show how many emails are being sent each day along with the day they are scheduled to go out

  • Under ‘Scheduled’ on the right-hand side, it shows the emails that are due to send


  • You can show different calendar views by selecting the different options at the top; Month and Today


Daily limit

  • The calendar feature allows users to keep note of their daily sending and make sure they are not going over their recommended daily sending limit

  • The maximum number of emails you can send per day from Prospector is 500 – any emails leftover will be pushed to the following day

  • Users can set their own daily limits per sequence/campaign. Sequences will stick to this daily limit, even for follow up steps



  • Later steps are prioritised over previous steps if there is a daily limit constraint. Putting it simply, follow up steps must send before a new email


Step 2 will take priority over new step 1,
Step 3 will take priority over new step 2...and so on



Gaps in Scheduling

  • Be aware of the gaps that can happen based on the set step delay and when the step is scheduled to happen

Scheduling example:


How the step delay works

Setting Step Delay

  • The new scheduler takes care of “shuffling” the sending times, so you don’t have to worry about setting specific hours and minutes in addition to days.


How it works:

  • We send 8am-6pm at randomised times (your time zone respected)

  • We send emails in randomised intervals of 30 secs to 2 mins

  • Any combination of day+hrs+mins will ignore hrs and mins and count the day only
    So, 1d3hrs4mins OR 1d2hrs OR 1d5mins will send: after 1 day, between 8 and 6, in randomised 30 secs to 2 mins intervals

  • You can still set combinations of mins and hours without a day, and these will be respected:
    i.e. 2hrs45mins OR 2hrs OR 45mins


Toggles (time zones, OOO, advance all leads)

  • By default, emails will send to the LEAD time zone. This will only send to them between 8am-6pm their time

    If you are based in London, UK and you launch a campaign to start sending at 10am the next day; any leads based in New York, US will start sending at 10am EST
    If a user only wants to send emails based on their OWN office hours, they can choose to toggle this off

  • By default, we ignore automatic/out of office replies. If users wish to receive these or want people on leave etc. to not receive further correspondence, they can choose to toggle this off

  • ‘Skip Weekends’ has been de-activated from UI. 'Skip weekends’ is now compulsory

  • ‘Advance All Leads’- this will progress all leads with no VALID emails to the next task step


Tasks – how they can affect sending

  • Users can choose to have mandatory or non-mandatory tasks
    o By default, they have been set to non-mandatory

  • If a task is set to mandatory it will NOT send the follow-up steps, users MUST go in and action these tasks in order for the sequence to continue

  • Delays and limits work the same way for tasks as they do for emails

  • Emails and tasks have separate limits, however, anything that falls under ‘tasks’ will be within the same limit

    Daily Limit = 500 emails + 500 tasks (calls, LinkedIn, generic)

Pausing campaigns- how this impacts other campaigns

  • When a campaign is paused, it is removed from the calendar, however, it will not change the schedule for campaigns that are already scheduled/running prior to pausing

  • Any newly scheduled campaigns will ignore the paused one and schedule based on the space it has left on the calendar (other running campaigns only)

Delays and paused campaigns

  • When you un-pause a campaign it will re-start as NEW on the step that it was on prior to pausing it. The sending will resume with the delay set on that step.
    o Example
    Total leads 150
    Step 1 (0 delay) 150 have sent
    Step 2 (8 day delay) 50 have sent
    User pauses campaign after step 2 has started
    User un-pauses campaign, step 2 will continue to go out 8 days after the resuming date

Note: If you want to change this, you can pause the campaign, change the delay on that step and then un-pause.

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