How to attach a sequence to a Campaign

  • Go into the ‘Engage’ tab and select the relevant campaign by clicking on the campaign name


  • Click on the ‘Sequence’ tab at the top


  • Either ‘Create New’ or just click the box where it says ‘Search & Select Sequence’ (dropdown menu)


  • Click on the relevant sequence and it will attach to the campaign.


  • The sequence is now linked to the campaign, and you are ready to send.


  • You can preview the emails by clicking on any contact’s name in the campaign under Contact's tab. Once in the Contact Details page you can click between the different steps in the sequence and review them.



  • The best way to check the sequence is to use the 'Send a Test to Self' option. In the campaign click on the ellipsis next to any contact and select ‘Send a Test to Self’ from the dropdown


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