How to cap credits per user

Admins can control the users’ credit usage by designating limits in the ‘Users’ section.

If you want access to this functionality please contact your Customer Success Manager or email support at


1. Go to ‘Teams’ tab by clicking on the user avatar in the top right-hand corner and select ‘Settings’


2. Click on the pen icon next to the user you want to limit credit usage for


3. Select ‘Custom Limit’ in the pop-up box, set the desired limit in the credit usage box and click ‘Save’.

The Max number of credits indicates your monthly credit allotment for the entire Account.


The credit limit will be visible in User Preview. Once the limit is reached the user will not be able to process any more data until the credit counter resets for the entire account or the admin increases the user’s respective credit balance.


4. If you want to remove the credit limit for a user follow the same steps as above and under ‘Credits’ select ‘No Limit’ before saving the changes.

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