How credits are charged

This document will help you understand how credits are charged when using Cognism products


  • You are charged 1 credit per 1 contact regardless of the email status.


Please note: Credits will NOT rollover so you must use all your allocated credits before they reset!



There are four ways you burn credits when using Prospector as outlined below:


1. When you click on the ‘Reveal’ button in Search



2. When you select ‘Push to Campaign’ i.e. when you generate data on leads in a campaign

  • Prior to pushing to campaign, you will have the option to choose which email status filter you wish to apply


3. When uploading a Persona directly into a Campaign

  • Keep in mind that this method will generate all Leads from the Persona regardless of their email status (you won’t be able to select an email quality filter)

4. When you 'Redeem' a list under the List tab



Chrome Extension

  • You are charged 1 credit per 1 profile once you click on the pull-out tag to open the Chrome Extension regardless of the data present and even if the profile will not be exported to Cognism or your CRM


You are not charged a credit:

  • For any leads that are uploaded to your Opt-out list in Prospector.

  • Once data is generated on a contact (in Prospector or the Chrome Extension) it becomes a record under management and from that point on any updates to that profile will also be available to you free of charge.

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