How to opt-out Contacts/Companies

The Opt-Out section contains:

  • Prospects who have clicked on the ‘Unsubscribe’ link in outbound campaigns

  • Emails/domains from a manual upload

We recommend building the Opt-Out/Suppression list before starting work on Prospector:

  • You are not charged for generating data on leads that are part of your Opt-Out list.

  • Once data is generated in a campaign, you can easily delete the opted-out lead prior to scheduling the campaign to avoid skewed statistics.

Handling Opt-Outs:

Single Upload

You can input a single email or domain on the Opt-Out section.

1. Navigate to the Opt-Out section in Settings. (User Avatar > Settings > Opt-Out (link icon) page)



2. Enter the domain or email you want to opt-out in the box and click the Opt Out button.


This method works for one-offs, but if you have multiple contacts that you want to opt-out from your outbound campaigns, importing a list might be easier.


Import an Opt-Out list

You may also be interested in this video of how to upload an opt-out list.

1. Navigate to the Opt-Out section in Settings.

2. Hover over the CSV dropdown and download the sample CSV.


3. Populate the CSV with:

  • Specific email addresses (

  • Entire company domains (

Keep in mind that if a contact has multiple email addresses, it’s quite possible for one or some of those to be opted-out, while the other(s) will remain opted-in.


If you have a large list, we recommend uploading a list of 10,000 emails/domains at a time.


4. Hover over the CSV dropdown again and click Upload CSV


You can download the whole list of opted-out contacts by clicking Download CSV.


Opt-Out within a Campaign

If a contact wants to be removed from your future campaigns but does not use the ‘Unsubscribe’ link, you can import them to your Opt-Out list without leaving the Campaign page.


1. Go to the Lead Details page by clicking on the Lead.


2. Click the Other Actions dropdown and mark the Lead as OptOut.


You can opt-out entire domains from the Lead Details Page as shown above.


Delete Opted-Out Leads from a Campaign

1. Within the Campaign Detail Page click on the Opt Out stats.


2. Click the Select drop-down menu and Select All.


3. Click on the three dots and click Delete.



Browse the Opt-Out list

You can search through your opt-out list to check if a contact or company has been opted-out of your campaigns.


1. Navigate to the Opt-Out section in Settings.

2. Type in the email/domain in the Search box and click Enter on your keyboard.searchOptOuts.png

3. You can also search the list by filtering by status or type of opt-out.

Remove Contacts from the Opt-Out List

Users can easily remove manually uploaded emails/domains from their Opt-Out list.

Opt-Outs with the status Lead OptOut (i.e. prospects that have clicked on the ‘Unsubscribe’ link) cannot be removed.


1. Navigate to the Opt-Out section in Settings

2. Find the Opt-Out you want to remove by using the Search box.

3. Select the Opt-Out/s you want to remove and the Bin icon will appear. Click the Bin icon to remove selected Opt-Outs.


If the prospect was already generated in a campaign, removing the email address from the Opt-Out list will not remove the Opt-Out tag in the campaign.


To remove the Opt-Out tag within the campaign users can either:

  • Delete the lead from the campaign and push the lead again from Search.

  • Re-upload via CSV file by following the steps below:

    • Download a CSV file

    • Open the file and remove the OptOut tag from the ‘Interaction Tag’ column

    • Delete the opted-out leads from the campaign

    • Upload the CSV file back to the campaign

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