How to add users

Users with Admin role have the option to add and remove users from the Account.

Adding a User

  • Click your user avatar at the top right, and click Settings.
  • Go to the Users tab.


  • Click Invite User. Enter the email/s of the user/s you want to add to your account. Be aware of the number of licenses you have available. Click Invite once you have entered the email/s of the user/s you want to add. A success notification will be displayed at the top-right of your screen.


  • If you receive an Invite not sent error please check the following:
    • If you have a license available

    • If the user with that email address was already invited (either on this or some other account), but has not actioned the invitation. You can view this by clicking Pending invites.

  • The invited user will receive an email from and can click on the Join link.

Note that pending invites DO NOT use up a license until actioned

If the recipient does not receive the invitation link within a few minutes, please have them check their Junk/Spam folder just in case the email got delivered there instead of the inbox.

  • Users will be redirected to the Sign-Up page where they need to enter their details and click Sign Up.
  • Users will be directed to the Sign in page where they can enter their login credentials, or sign in via single sign-on (Google, Microsoft or Okta) and start using Cognism.
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