How to add and remove users

Users with Admin or Team Lead role have the option to add and remove users from the Account.

The same user management features described here, in a context of Cognism Web Platform (Prospector), are also available natively in our Cognism Salesforce Application-Settings.


Adding a User

1. Click on the User Avatar in the top right-hand corner and go to ‘Settings’


2. Go to the 'Teams' tab, click on ‘Users or Teams’ button and select ‘Invite Users’


3. In the pop-up window, enter a valid email address and click ‘Invite’


If you receive an ‘Invite not sent’ error please check the following:

  • If you have a license available

  • If the user with that email address was already invited (either on this or some other account), but has not actioned the invitation,

4. The invited user will receive an email from and can click on the ‘Join’ link


If the recipient does not receive the invitation link within a few minutes, please have them check their Junk/Spam folder just in case the email got delivered there instead of the inbox.


5. Users will be redirected to the Sign-Up page where they need to enter their details and click on ‘Sign Up’

Make sure you leave the email address and Company field intact.


6. The process is now completed, and users will be directed to the ‘Sign-in’ page where they can enter their login credentials and start using Cognism.


Removing a User

When one of your users no longer needs access Cognism platform, you can deactivate the user. After user is deactivated, any active user with Admin role will continue to have access to all records from the deactivated user. Still, before deactivating the user you might still want to consider the following:

  1. Do you want to reassign all tasks owned by the user?

  2. Do you want to reassign ownership of the running campaign? Check this article.

To deactivate the user, follow these steps:


1. Go to User Avatar in the top right-hand corner > ‘Account Settings’


2. Click on the pen icon next to the user you want to deactivate


3. In the pop-up window deactivate the ‘Active User’ toggle and ‘Save’ the changes.


Please refresh the page to reset the License counter


Active users will have a green tick while inactive users will be marked with a cross sign.


You have now freed up one license and can invite a new user by following the steps outlined under ‘Adding a User’ above.

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