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See Companies that are in your CRM from the My Companies page

After saving companies to My Companies, a CRM status indicator is now available when you have a Salesforce or HubSpot integration active. This allows you to easily see which of the companies you’ve saved already exist in your CRM.

  • After integrating with Salesforce or HubSpot, go into the My Companies page.

  • A CRM column will appear along with the indicators.

Find companies interested technologies that are relevant to you

It’s easier than ever to find companies interested technologies that are relevant to your prospecting efforts. Whenever you are prospecting using the browser extension, you will see your selected relevant technologies on the company page, individual profile page, and at the top of the technologies list within the Signals tab.

  • Head over to the Signals tab and choose the technologies that are relevant to you by searching for them and selecting from the dropdown.

  • Once you have selected the technologies relevant to you, click Save.

Article Updates

  • Learn how to use relevant technologies on the browser extension.

  • Salesforce data sync articles received fresh, new images.

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