Using My Companies in your workflows

Save companies that you come across to My Companies, or companies that you may be assigned to target, within the Cognism Web Application. When filtering your search results, you can choose companies from your companies to find contacts.

Access My Companies

  • My companies can be found within the Prospector tab on the left navigation bar. Click the building icon to enter My Companies.

  • Here you can manage your companies and export them to an integration or remove them from your companies.

  • You can select the companies and click Find Contacts to view all the contacts at these selected companies. Apply filters as you usually would to narrow down your search.

Save Companies to My Companies

  • Select Companies in your search result and click Save Company.

  • When a company is saved to My Companies, an indicator will appear next to the company name in search. You can hover over the icon and it will direct you to My Companies.

My Companies Search filter

  • When running a search, expand the My Companies section in your filter panel.

  • Here you can select which of your companies contacts you want to view.

  • You have the option to select all the companies which you’ve saved. Select All Companies to have this option applied.

  • If you want to exclude companies that are in My Companies, check the Exclude checkbox below the company name field.

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