Diamond Data and Diamonds-on-Demand

Cognism is focused on providing you with the best possible data continuously. To achieve this, we have added Diamond contacts and Diamonds-on-Demand to our platform.

Diamond package is required to access these features.

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Diamond Data 

A Diamond is a contact whose mobile number has been phone-verified.  These Diamond mobile numbers allow you to connect with 87% of your list.  Numbers are re-verified every 18 months to ensure the connect rate level is maintained.

Diamond Phone-Verified Data is the most premium data asset on the market that has gone through additional layers of phone verification. This results in an increased speed to connect and engage more of the right decision-makers in less time, eliminating inefficiencies due to misdialed or incorrect numbers.

Diamond Data is indicated by the Diamond icon on the Web App and Chrome Extension, and there is a diamond icon before the number under the contact info.

When you call a Diamond contact, you know you're using the right mobile and you will be connected to the right person. 

You can use the Diamond Contacts Only filter in your search to view only contacts with a Diamond Verified mobile number in your search results.


Diamonds-on-Demand are simply a way for you to flag your most valuable prospects and run them through our advanced Diamond verification engine on demand. Our team will then Diamond Verify a record and provide you with the best contact data available on the market. 

How to Diamond Verify a Contact

From the Contact full page view, click the Diamond Verify Icon (to the left of the Export button).

A popup will appear at the top-right of your screen confirming the request has been made. 

You can view the status of your Diamonds-on-Demand requests in the Data Reporting tab within the Diamond Data page. 

Outcomes of Diamond Verification requests

There are 3 possible outcomes after you’ve requested a contact to be Diamond Verified:

  • Diamond Verified - The mobile phone has been verified.

  • Improved - New data added to the new profiles such as a new mobile phone but we could not verify it to meet our Diamond quality standards.

  • No improvement - No new data could be added or verified.

Contacts in the Cognism database are continuously being improved and verified. Diamond and improvement rates will vary depending on the location of the contact.

For example: You can expect an 10-15% diamond success rate and 10-15% improved data on contacts requested for verification in the UK, while in the US you can expect an 15-20% diamond success rate and 15-20% improved data on contacts requested for verification.

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