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This document outlines some of the permissions, and Salesforce access types, required to integrate Cognism to your Salesforce instance.

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Permissions required

  • We do not integrate with the Essentials package; you must be on Professional or above to be able to integrate with Salesforce.

  • For Professional, you will need to contact your Account Manager and ask for API to be enabled.

  • For data import and enrichment, CDC access (Change Data Capture) is required (Available on Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer Editions).

Standard user leveraging the integration

  • Standard Users require the Marketing User permissions in Salesforce in order to successfully export records from Cognism into Salesforce

  • Standard Users also require Read, Edit, and Create permissions on their Salesforce user account for all relevant objects (Leads, Contacts, Accounts, and Campaigns)

The most common issue when syncing leads to Salesforce is Error 500.

This can be related to Marketing User checkbox in your Salesforce which enables users to import leads among other things.

This should not be confused with Marketing Profile in Salesforce org.

To check if this box is selected in your Salesforce:

  1. Click Setup.

  2. Go to Manage Users and click Users

  3. Select the relevant user and see if the Marketing User checkbox is selected.

Another thing to check is if the integrated user has edit, read and create permissions on Campaign object.

The Standard Object Permissions can be found under Profile in your Salesforce.

Admin user setting up the integration

  • API Enabled must be enabled for both System and Administrative permissions

  • Marketing User must also be enabled for the Admin

If API is not enabled for your organization you will see the Error 409 when syncing leads to Salesforce.

Sometimes Salesforce admins can disable API for individual users.

To check if this is enabled you can follow the steps below in your Salesforce account:

  • Click Setup.

  • Go to Manage Users and click Profiles.

  • Select the relevant user profile.

  • Depending on your Salesforce access you can either:

    • Scroll down to Administrative Permissions to check the API enabled box.

    • Select System Permissions and scroll down to check the API enabled box.

Logging in with SSO enabled

If you have SSO enabled for the organization, you will need to use Custom Domain log in.

  1. Add the Salesforce integration.

  2. When prompted to log in, click Use Custom Domain.

You may need to sign out of your Salesforce beforehand if you are automatically redirected to the common sign-in page as regular user.


The error you receive when you sync to CRM may be the result of an incorrectly mapped field, or the OAuth token having expired.

What fields are mandatory when creating contacts/leads in your Salesforce org?

  • Make sure those are added to the mapped fields.

  • If we don’t offer a value for the mandatory field (eg. Lead Status) you will need to either:

    • Set a default value for that field.

    • Make the field non-required.

Is Lead Source a picklist field type?

  • Add Cognism to your values.

Make sure the integrated user has sufficient permissions to edit fields within Salesforce. Any mapped field (including defaults) must be editable by user.

Getting an Error 400?

This is usually a result of the OAuth token expiring. You will need to log in to the Salesforce integration to re-establish the connection.

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